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ROSSOFUOCO“Fire Red” with ROSE M.J., BACARR JINA, ANDERSEN SUSAN — 3 books in 1 from Harlequin Italy, http://www.eharmony.it/, including my book, Naughty Paris.

My Harlequin Spice time travel about 1889 Paris, “Naughty Paris,” is being re-released in Italy as part of a not-to-be-missed 3-book Special Edition along with novels by M.J. Rose and Susan Andersen.

After being jilted by her fiancé, Autumn Maguire uses her nonrefundable honeymoon tickets to exploreParison her own. Eager to experience the true bohemian lifestyle, she answers an ad for an artist’s model. When she exchanges her clothes for the artist’s lush red cloak, something strange happens…a feeling of intense sensual reawakening overcomes her. Suddenly lightning strikes and through the power of black magic she’s thrust back into…

…the nineteenth century where the scandalous painter Paul Borquet is insisting she become his Titian-haired muse. Between everyone’s strange clothing, the claustrophobic Parisian streets and the overpowering pull of sexual desire, Autumn can’t process…just where the heck is she and how did she get here? And frankly, with Paul’s expert caresses imprinted on her body, does she really care about going back to present day?

Click here to read an excerpt of “Naughty Paris.” (also available as an eBook)

I hope you enjoy my video!


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Click here if you missed Episode 1 of “A Naughty Christmas Carol.”


When we left Sir Harry, he had no Christmas spirit. No wreaths, no caroling, none at all. He refused to help the poor as his lady love, Lady Florentine requested. Worse yet, he ordered his mistress Nellie Rose to his residence on Christmas morning for his own pleasure, ignoring her request to visit her sick mother who lived near the docks in East London.

Then Sir Harry is visited by the ghost of Lord Buckley, the Master of Whippingate…

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Welcome to A Naughty Christmas Carol, a holiday story video told with pictures and words.

The idea for the story came from the heroine in my Harlequin Spice novel, The Blonde Samurai, nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award. The Blonde Samurai is the story of Katie O’Roarke, an Irish American heiress who goes to Victorian London to wed a British lord.

It’s 1873 and Katie O’Roarke is headed to Japan as a virgin bride after marrying Lord Carlton. There she falls in love with a handsome samurai, but not before she spent a Season in London, far from the woods of her Pennsylvania home. As Lady Carlton, she was privy to the comings and goings of the British aristocracy and their fascinating and often incorrigible mores.

Here is one such story she heard whispered in Mayfair drawing rooms, a holiday tale called A Naughty Christmas Carol.    

In Episode 1, we meet Sir Harry,” though that is not his real name, as a young man. It’s Christmas Eve and he’s being very disagreeable with Lady Florentine, the gentlewoman who loves him, and his mistress, Nellie Rose, a fine lass whose mum is sick, as he makes his way to Madame Moiret’s bawdy establishment on York Street…

Join me next week for EPISODE 2 of: 


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On November 11th, we celebrate our veterans. But mothers are also veterans of war. Here is a story about such a mother written by Lady Eve Marlowe, the heroine in my novel, Cleopatra’s Perfume.

Before Lady Eve married a member of the British peerage, she was a cabaret dancer in Berlin in the late 1920s during the wild days of the Weimar Republic.

The scene in what I call a “story vid” (story video) takes place after one of the girls in the show is murdered and Eve goes to visit her mother.

Happy Veterans Day!


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by Lady Carlton née Katie O’Roarke, heroine of The Blonde Samurai”  

I take up my pen today not to write my romance, but to impart to you news, important news that has reached me in my place of solitude where I deign to call myself a novelist.  

Morning sunlight, wiggling through the petit-point pattern on the lacy curtain, hovers over my shoulder to see what I’m writing.  A red-breasted robin fluttering about on the window sill holds its breath, pen scratchings fill my ears. 

I am beside myself with excitement, spilling blue ink on my gown and smudging the fine rice paper upon which I write with dirty fingerprints, but I know you shall forgive me for word has reached me that my memoir, The Blonde Samurai, has found its way to faraway shores. 

To Italy.  

A place where– 

The romance of carnival and exquisite masks enchants the eye.  

The sacred mount of the holy saints restores one’s faith. 

The musical language of the arts and literature delights the ear and enriches the soul. 

I must recount to you how pleased I am that the story of this Irish-American lass and her samurai has made its way to such a grand place. 

Here then is the visual and audio presentation in Italian of the publisher’s synopsis of “Bionda Samurai” (available May 13th).  Grazie!



Postscript:  I have also included the English translation for you:

“During the latter part of the nineteenth century, a beautiful and fascinating American woman named Katie is about to release her memoir with more than a hint to scandal, a scandal that will unleash an uproar in Society. 

“She is determined to recount her adventures in every detail, from the electrifying moments to the salacious, her life ruled by her insatiable appetite for all things sensual.  Her story takes us from London to Japan, where the journey takes you through a maze of raw and vivid eroticism. 

“Tantalizing and provocative scenes of sensuality await you in Japan.  This is the return of class because Jina Bacarr (author of The Blonde Geisha” and “Cleopatra’s Perfume“) puts forward with her usual skill a story that is unique and has earned her millions of readers around the world, her themes more endearing and bold with provocative situations raw and sexy but always romantic. 


The Blonde Samurai
She embraced the way of the warrior. Two swords. Two loves.”

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Peccati e Piacere (Sins and Pleasure) is coming to a bookstore near you!  Today!!!

If you live in Italy.

So why am I so excited about this book? Because it’s what they call in Italy a Special Edition“-three books in one!! And my book is one of them.

The Italian version of my first Harlequin Spice, The Blonde Geisha, is included in this Special Edition published by Harlequin Italy along with other two novels written by fabulous authors Gena Showalter and Kayla Perrin.

I had the opportunity to sit next to Kayla at the RWA Conference in Atlanta in 2006 and sign copies of The Blonde Geisha and later in 2008, I signed books with Gena Showalter at the BEA (Book Expo) in Los Angeles.

I’m so excited about this special Italian edition of our books that I put together a short video promo in Italian about Peccati e Piacere.” 

Here is the English translation:

Many women today do not want to be just prey. Tired of waiting for the right man, they take on the role of the hunter. Pleasure is at hand, you just have the courage to grasp it …Six women can no longer deny their hunger for seduction and transgression: they decide to unleash their claws, whether engaged in the mysterious and fascinating profession of geisha or pampered by masseurs in Las Vegas, Naomi, Kathlene, Lishelle and the others are determined to experience exciting emotions and indulge in their uncontrollable impulses. Engaged in their passion, danger is lurking …

So what are your sins and pleasure

Ciao, ciao!


The Blonde Samurai
She embraced the way of the warrior. Two swords. Two loves.”

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Rampant by Saskia Walker

The world of geisha is all about sisterhood.

In my coming-of-age erotic romance, The Blonde Geisha, when my heroine enters the teahouse, she is assigned a “big sister.”  She is the “little sister” and observes the more experienced geisha as part of her training to become geisha.

Belonging to the Romance Writers of America is also about sisterhood. 

Each year members come together for a conference to talk about writing and the publishing business.  I was thrilled to meet fellow Harlequin Spice author, Saskia Walker, at the RWA conference in San Francisco. 

We talked about her Spice April 2010 release, RAMPANT, before we joined the Harlequin team and authors for a fabulous dinner.  I made a video of our talk and you can see it here:

Saskia Walker at RWA San Francisco

I’m excited to announce that Saskia is guest blogging over at NAUGHTY AUTHOR CHICKS on Monday, March 29th.

Be sure to stop by the NAC Blog Monday and meet this fabulous Brit!!!

The Blonde Samurai
She embraced the way of the warrior. Two swords. Two loves.”

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